19 august 2011

Week #1

Hello dear collectors, I'm Alex and I live in Romania, Europe. Here I will present my diecast collection, that is mostly 1/64 scale, Hot Wheels & Matchbox.
Unfortunatly, in my country doesn't come any of the collector series, the only things that come are mainline cars. In addition of these, here we get about 5-6 mixes per year, and the price we pay for a car is the equivalent of 3$ . For these reason, i add  lots of cars to my collection every time I go outside in holiday.
My Hauls for these week:
Matchbox :
Porsche 914
Jaguar XK 120 SE ERROR

Hot Wheels:
Arkam Asylum Batmobile
'81 DeLorean DMC-12( I love these casting, I have it in all the 4 variants it came so far + The BTTF Time Machine)
Lotus Sport Elise
Ferrari California
'83 Chevy Silverado
And 2 castings that I've been searching for long time:
2009- Fiat 500
2010- '86 Monte Carlo SS

Lotus Europa